European Football Champions League Preview – Spain

Yes, you guessed it right: its European Football CL preview ”Spain version” brought to you by a smiling young John Barnes!!…Thank you John for that smile and your skills but the videogame..euuuh…ya thanks. ūüôā


Real Madrid

Real Madrid will play Ajax on the second day of Champions League fixtures. Many experts say that Real Madrid should crush Ajax and looking at the Merengue squad, it’s hard to say otherwise. Playing a Mourinhesque 4-2-3-1, the club has not been playing very well but still manages to win thanks to exceptional individual talent that make the difference against weaker teams. Teams in their second year under Mourinho’s reign usually do much better than the previous year and sky rocket from there. Stories around the club hint at some sort of ”beef” between Mourinho and his star Spanish players. The Special One seems to have a problem with Alonso, Ramos and Casillas not playing his game of hate and disrecpect against FC Barcelona. It’s the whole Star Wars Trilogy going on less than 1 month into the 2011-2012 season.

FC Barcelona

On the other side, FC Barcelona is not taking a break as they prepare for Champions League action against a humble BATE Borisov with a 5-0‎ annilhilation of Atletico Madrid. There isnt much to say as a preview but just to advise fantasy players to stock up on Barcelona players for this round of the Champions League.

Valencia CF

Coming off a 1-0 loss to Sevilla FC at home, Valencia will face English and Champions League giants, Chelsea FC. This game will have a special storyline with the return of Juan Mata to the club he just left, earlier this summer. Chelsea has a squad depth to instil into its opponents but Valencia has offensive assets and defensive stability to stake its claim. With an under-rated Soldado, an improving Mathieu or a dynamic Rami, Valencia coach Unai Emery has many weapons at his disposition to realistically dare to win.

Hasta La Vista


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